Most people would agree that their home is their most significant investment, and they try to care for it accordingly. But many homeowners are unaware of serious defects in their property that can damage the structure and possibly the home's contents. Thermal Imaging is a fast, noninvasive way of scanning a building to identify problems and potential problems such as moisture leaks and missing insulation. (See dramatic examples from Flir Systems, maker of infrared cameras.)

The use of Thermal Imaging can identify many defects in the early stages, enabling you to fix the problem with simple, inexpensive repairs. If left untreated, significant damage can occur, increasing cleanup and restoration costs dramatically.

Thermal Imaging can be used to safeguard existing homes and to evaluate new homes -- and best of all, it's completely affordable.

More dangerous than termites

Homeowners routinely inspect and treat their property to protect against termites, but moisture and water are a greater threat to buildings and cause more damage. In fact, moisture leaks can actually contribute to the likelihood of termite infestation, as revealed by inspections of homes with termite damage.

A dry building (one where the humidity level is roughly 45%) is significantly less likely to experience insect infestations. Roaches, spiders, silverfish and dust mites all thrive in damper buildings. Also, a dry building will not develop a mold problem since mold requires moisture or elevated humidity in order to grow.

Taking advantage of the New Home Warranty

The owners of newly constructed homes can greatly benefit from a thermal imaging inspection. Some problems that are not visible, such as missing insulation, can be identified so that they can be corrected by the builder while the house is still under the New Home Warranty.

The Louisiana State Legislature has passed an amendment to the New Home Warranty Act that relieves all New Home Builders from any liability for mold and mold damage. Since most insurance policies do not cover mold damage or have very low limits (far below what it costs to repair even a moderate mold problem), homeowners have no significant financial assistance to combat mold. Identifying moisture problems early and notifying the builder before the problem escalates is the best way to avoid costly repairs.

Simple and inexpensive

A thermal imaging inspection can be accomplished in as little as an hour, with minimal disruption to your home and its contents. And it only costs a few hundred dollars -- an exceptional value, considering that it safeguards a home worth so much more.

To speak with a Relle representative about Thermal Imaging, please call 504.367.8972. Relle Thermal Imaging services the New Orleans area, including Metairie and the West Bank.

Relle uses infrared cameras produced by Flir Systems, the global leader in infrared camera technology.


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