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"The Relle filtration table fills a void in the market for economical, lightweight, adaptable downdraft tables for mold or particulate remediation. By design, the table fulfills all the needs for conservators faced with mold or particulate remediation challenges for artistic and historic works.
A person assembles the downdraft table.

The table provides a lightweight, easily cleaned and versatile downdraft surface that streamlines the remediation process. The table is effortlessly assembled, disassembled, and transported for onsite projects, and can be broken down and stored while not in use, economizing on valuable lab space.

A workable surface area without edge flanges and overhead obstructions is a premium requirement when handling objects that can be fragile, sensitive, and of odd sizes. The ability to configure multiple tables makes it adaptable to any size object or project undertaking. No other downdraft table offers this amount of workable area with the flexibility of increasing the surface as the object or scale of job requires.

The separate air cleaner allows the conservator to choose the best capacity negative air machine for the project dependant on the volume of air movement required, tailoring the table for the workspace provide

The downdraft table is shown unassembled. The form of the table is easily cleaned, with no hidden nooks and crannies, providing confidence in mitigating any cross contamination between jobs.

No other table on the market offers this degree of flexible working surface area, transportability, and simplicity of design in this price range. The Relle filtration table both economically and by design challenges higher priced market and custom tables."

Michele Phillips
Conservator of Paper & Photographic Materials
West Lake Conservators Ltd.

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