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Person wearing protective clothing cleans a book on a downdraft table.

Introducing the first downdraft table designed specifically for the microbial remediation, restoration and art conservation industries.

The Relle Filtration Table was engineered by industry experts to comply with IICRC S520 recommendations for equipment for the process of contents remediation.  In addition to its use for typical content remediation, the downdraft table is also ideal for art conservation and for photo or document cleaning.

IICRC S520 recommends the use of downdraft tables for the process of contents remediation in order to minimize the spread of particulates into the air.

The Relle Filtration Table offers significant remediation advantages, including:

  • Easy assembly. The downdraft table can be set up and ready to use in 15 minutes or less.

    Download the instruction manual here.

    For Grid Handling Instructions Click Here

  • Portability. The Relle Filtration Table is constructed of plastic to be lightweight and easily transported to (and around) the job site. The legs are removable, allowing for convenient loading and storage.  With the center core removed the tables can be stacked on top of each other.  Four units store on a floor area of 3’ X 4’.
  • Ergonomically friendly. The Relle Filtration Table is designed for content remediators and art conservators to sit comfortably on a bar stool or a tall chair. The user's legs can easily extend beneath the table, avoiding the need for continual standing or for an awkward seating posture.  The legs of the table can also be cut if a shorter work table is desired.
  • Flexibility. The unit can be used alone or connected in multiples, allowing the remediator or conservator to adjust the size of their workspace to the task at hand. People can work side by side to clean small items, or additional tables can be joined to manage unusually sized and oversize items.
  • Easily replaceable parts. The legs and surface grid of the downdraft table were designed with standard sizing in mind. Should a leg be lost or the grid wear down with use, these parts can be replaced with standard items from a home improvement store.
  • Equalized pressure. With traditional downdraft tables, suction is strongest in the center and weakest at the ends. The Relle Filtration Table distributes pressure more A person removes the suction port from the downdraft table.evenly across the table's surface, making the entire worktop usable.
  • Fully and easily cleanable. Every surface of the Relle Filtration Table is accessible for cleaning and decontamination. There are no "hidden" or unreachable areas which can trap particulate. Even the suction port is removable. The plastic surface can be cleaned with soap and water and, unlike metal tables, is not susceptible to rust.
  • Compatible with standard equipment. The Relle Filtration Table is designed to utilize a 2000 CFM negative air HEPA filtered machine, allowing remediators to use equipment they already own. The downdraft table, attached to a negative air machine.It is always recommended that HEPA-rated equipment be used with the Relle Filtration Table to minimize particulate discharge. (See IICRC S520 Chapter 9 for the guidelines for contents remediation and the recommended usage of downdraft tables.) Additionally, the table can be used with a non-explosive negative air machine to allow cleaning with combustible solvents.
  • Covered by insurance. Insurance companies consider downdraft tables (and associated negative air machines) to be reimbursable costs of content remediation work. A usage charge for each piece of equipment can be included in the job cost every day the table is used. For the typical remediator, the insurance proceeds will cover the cost of the downdraft table long before it wears out.

The Relle Filtration Table was created by people who understand remediation needs. So invest in a Relle Filtration Table and increase your bottom line while you make your job more productive and your employees happier.

Table dimensions: width 36"; length 48"; height 42" assembled. Table shipped with legs detached. Assembly instructions included.

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