Relle Construction specializes in new construction, historic renovation, moisture investigation, mold investigation, and mold remediation. Relle Construction has experience with both residential and commercial projects and serves the New Orleans area, including Metairie and the West Bank.

Historic renovation involves repairing damage to homes and other buildings that possess special historical value. Great care is taken to preserve as much of the original structure as possible and to maintain the design and architectural elements that give the building its character.

Moisture investigation consists of thoroughly examining a building to identify sources of moisture intrusion and moisture generation. At the end of the investigation, a report is presented which summarizes the findings and recommends specific corrective actions. Thermal imaging is frequently used as part of the investigative process; its noninvasive nature and rapid results make it a preferred diagnostic technique.

Mold investigation involves a visual inspection of a structure for any signs of mold or of water damage that could cause growth. The ventilation system should be checked as part of the investigation. If mold is suspected but not visible, air sampling is conducted to determine if dangerous levels of mold are present. Sampling may also be done in special cases: where litigation is involved, or where it is important to identify the type of fungus present.

Mold remediation follows mold and moisture investigations and is conducted once the repairs and drying necessary to eliminate the moisture problem are complete. Mold remediation consists of cleaning a building and its contents to remove harmful spores. This process requires the removal and replacement of any contaminated building materials which cannot be cleaned, such as ceiling tiles, sheetrock or insulation. To avoid recontamination, Relle Construction recommends that the contents of any mold-infested building be thoroughly cleaned, since spores can be present even if the items do not appear moldy. Any porous items that cannot be properly cleaned should be discarded.


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